Are your products made and assembled in the USA?

YES! All of our products are constructed using raw materials that are produced right here in the USA. We do our own fabricating, powder-coating, injection molding, sewing and assembly in our Van Buren, Arkansas facility. We are very proud to say that our products are completely American made!

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No. You just have to order 1 of something, we won’t ship you an empty box!

When will my order ship?

Please call us at (479)410-2211 for current lead times.

What is a safe cleaning solution to clean all of my Creative Colors products?

Soap and water. In daycare settings, states require disinfectant solution. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) the best general disinfectant is ½ cup chlorine bleach to 1 gallon of water.

What is the difference between Forest Green and Dustin Green?

Dustin Green is closer to a primary green. Forest Green is darker – it’s been discontinued. If you order Green, you’ll get Dustin Green.

If I order a Creative Colors table and do not specify leg color, what is your default color?

The legs for a table will always match the table trim color. If you order a Gray top table with purple trim, for instance, the legs will also be purple.

Are your tables moisture and stain resistant?

Yes. Our tops are fully laminated on BOTH sides; not a with a phenolic backer sheet.

On your Horseshoe table, what is the size of the cut out?

From the center of the table to the top ends of the horseshoe, the distance is 31.5”. From the inside of the top of the horseshoe, distance side to side is 23.75”.

On the kidney, 48” x 72” what is the size of the cut out?


Which is better, a self-leveling glide or the ball glide?

Generally it’s customer preference; however, most of our customers have told us that the ball glide presents fewer problems. For instance, mop strings don’t get caught in them and they will never rust.

What are the recommendations for the number of children per table?



Table Size             # Children                             Table Size             # Children

18” x 36” REC                2                                  24” RND                        2

24” x 30” REC                4                                  36” RND                        4

24” x 36” REC                4                                  42” RND                        4

24” x 48” REC                4-6                               48” RND                        6

30” x 48” REC                6                                  60” RND                        8

30” x 60” REC                8                                  48” OCT                        8

30” x 72” REC                10                                 24” x 48” TRAP              4

36” x 72” REC                10                                 30” x 60” TRAP              5

36” SQ                          4                                  48” SHAM                      4

48” SQ                          8                                  48” x 72” KIDNEY            6 + 1 Teacher

60” DAISY                      6                                  60” x 66” HRSH              6 + 1 Teacher


What is Thermally Fused?

Thermally Fused laminate technology uses heat and pressure to produce a permanent thermal bond between the melamine laminate and a 1” high-density substrate. Delamination is simply not possible. Tops are resistant to scratches, abrasions, stains, chipping, radiant heat, steam and mild chemicals.

What is a powder-coat finish?

Powder-coating is a “dry paint” application process in which finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electrostically charged and sprayed onto a surface, which is then baked-on (cured) to set the coating. The advantage of powder-coating is that it is substantially thicker and therefore more durable, that a “wet paint” coating.

Your cots and mats meet the California Fire Code #117, but what is that?

Please view Bulletin #117 www.bhfti.ca.gov/bulletin.html
Our products have gone through this rigorous test and have passed.